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Here at Kush we created a new evolution of drinks infused with natures best kept secret ‘CBD’.  Our drinks are crafted by cannabis experts and leading liquid developers in the UK, each drinks contains 50MG CBD and 0 THC, Kush CBD Drinks are the most effective and enjoyable CBD drinks available.


We are firm believers that self-love is the most important form of love for any human, unfortunately many of us are stuck in the same eat, work, prepare, sleep cycle everyday, so we set out and created innovative recipes packed with the highest quality full spectrum CBD for you to find your ‘me time’ in your everyday chaos.

Go on, escape the ordinary….


Team Kush

Pink Candy CBD Drink - 4 Pack

Pink Candy CBD Drink - 4 Pack

Our Best Seller


Experience serene relaxation and less stress whilst restoring mental focus and balance to the body and brain. Each sip slowly progresses to a crescendo of exquisite flavours, causing a sensational euphoria. Enhance clarity, connect on a higher level, stimulate creative freedom. Open a portal of peace and release what’s beyond your control.

(Think drifting off to a world of self-love)

Pink Candy~ Infused with 50mg Full Spectrum CBD provides a soothing calm, an uproar of relaxation and a conscious connection

Feel Limitless & Escape the ordinary…..

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Blue Gelato CBD Drink - 4 Pack



Experience an expedition that takes you through trails of sensations, tingling tastebuds, a blast of serenity progressing into bliss. Conjure captivating conversations, relax your mind, shake up social settings with a contagious energy that flows to everyone around you, whilst enhancing focus and balance of the body and brain.

Blue Gelato ~ Infused with 50mg Full Spectrum CBD providing enhanced clarity, focus and pleasure.

(Think brainpower CBD drink from the future)

Go on, Cool Your Jets


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Blue Gelato CBD Drink  - 4 Pack

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